DJ Damo

Sydney's Premier Wedding & Corporate DJ

Sydney's best wedding and corporate functions DJ. 

Song requests: 

You can be totally prescriptive, completely hands-off, or anything in between for your song requests. Often it's helpful just to give DJ Damo a few songs, artists, genres or decades that you like and he can formulate playlists from your suggestions. DJ Damo will work with you as much as you need during the planning stages to ensure your event is exactly how you envision it. 

Generally most events have two distinct sections. Early in your event DJ Damo will play easy listening background music which sets a perfect atmosphere for conversations. Then after the formalities, he'll kick the party into gear with crowd favourites to get people on the dance floor! 

If you need some inspiration, or need to jog your memory for some great dance songs, outlined below are some crowd pleasers from each decade. This is just a small sample of DJ Damo's ever-expanding song library. 

Top 40s